Concept, Direction and Production by Dan Braga
Sound FX by Brandon Jiaconia

Project Background
Last year, when I was getting into Cinema 4D, I was brainstorming ideas for a project that would let me become familiar with the software without being too demanding. One of the ideas was about this cube that has to adapt to its surroundings to progress. I never got around to take it further at the time, but the idea seemed to stick with me, so I decided to pick it up a couple of months ago. I had just gotten my license for Octane, so it was a good opportunity to apply it to a proper project as well.

After spending some time developing the idea further, trying to find an angle that would bake the idea into something that felt complete, I came down to Adaptation Pictures, a make-believe film production company.

Outline As Pitched
In a futuristic, minimalistic environment, surrounded by glossy surfaces, we are presented with a black cube firmly flipping its way across the white floor. In its path is an obstacle, in the shape of a clean gap in the floor. However, being a cube, it doesn’t pose a problem as it is able to effortlessly flip across it.
The cube is seen flipping toward a tunnel leading downwards as it morphs into a sphere. It lets gravity do its job, and rolls out to the end of the tunnel where it meets a narrow path leading to a white pyramid in the horizon. Halfway there, it morphs itself into a pyramid.

When it approaches the white pyramid, it flips one of its faces onto it and starts rolling around it as it forms the logo, and “Adaptation Pictures” is seen subtly being engraved in the white wall below.

To play on the aspect of adaptation, which is the main theme of the production company, I will visualize it by having a shape morph into different primitives to progress through a path of obstacles. As the logo consists of two triangles, one leaned against the other, I will bake this into the 3D animation by ending the piece with the shape morphing into a pyramid as it encounters another pyramid in its way.