Concept, design, animation, and sound FX by Dan Braga.

Title sequence for a post-apocalyptic themed movie, After.

Made with After Effects, C4D, and Audition.

Synopsis: The year is 2021. Two years ago a virus, believed to have originated from apes in India, has caused a worldwide pandemic, and eradicated 70% of earths population. The structure of society is broken, and the survival instinct is what remains. ‘After’ follows a lone survivor who has lost everyone and everything since the outbreak, either to the virus, or to desperate confrontations with other survivors. How big is the will to keep going? Is there any point?

Get an insight in the external and internal factors of staying alive, in a realistic depiction of life and the battle for survival in a post-apocalyptic world full of greed and desperation. Sound & graphics by me.