Title sequence for a potential TV series. Shot with Panasonic Lumix GH4. Post in After Effects.

Mysterious things are happening in the village of Blackshore. Plants are mutating in strange ways, house pets are acting weird, and people are getting sick, but not in a traditional sense. They are slowly rendered emotionless.

A government attached company, Ant, are rumored to undertake top secret experiments with unkown chemicals. How and why they do it is still a mystery, but with strange events happening in Blackshore the truth might be closer than ever.

I got this idea for a dystopian movie concept about a village being victim for a mysterious experiment done by powerful people, and decided I wanted to make the title sequence for it. In this fictional world, the villagers of Blackshore have their water source tampered with, so to reflect that, I decided to tell the story of the water. From its source, the water tower, through the pipes, how it reaches the people, and how it affects them. I also integrated chemical bindings in some of the shots as a subtle hint.