When I got back to Sydney a month ago, after being back in Norway for the summer, I got myself a new room in a flatshare literally 2 minutes walk from the Bondi Beach. Pretty sweet. After getting a taste of Cinema 4D during my internship, I also decided I'd sell my Macbook and buy a proper workstation. A beast that could match my C4D-ambitions with the GPU accelerated render engine, Octane.

Here it is.

As its meant for use with Octane, its packed with two MSI 980GTX, an i7-4790K Quad-Core 4.0 GHz, 32GB ram and a lot of other goodness. The Octane engine is becoming somewhat of a industry standard within 3D motion graphics, so I felt I had to get on that wave asap.

I also got myself a 27" LG monitor to accompany my 28" 4K Samsung monitor. The LG is only full HD, but it does the job as its only meant for laying out menus, tutorials etc.