To work on my 3D skills, I'm currently working on this make-believe ident for a company called Adaptation Pictures. It would be one of those idents showing before a movie starts(Dreamworks, Universal etc.).

In a futuristic, minimalistic environment, surrounded by glossy surfaces, we are presented with a black cube firmly flipping its way across the white floor. In its path is an obstacle, in the shape of a clean gap in the floor. However, being a cube, it doesn’t pose a problem as it is able to effortlessly flip across it.

The cube is seen flipping toward a tunnel leading downwards as it morphs into a sphere. It lets gravity do its job, and rolls out to the end of the tunnel where it meets a narrow path leading to a white pyramid in the horizon. Halfway there, it morphs itself into a pyramid.

When it approaches the white pyramid, it flips one of its faces onto it and starts rolling around it as it forms the logo, and “Adaptation Pictures” is seen subtly being engraved in the white wall below.

Some early rendered frames for the storyboard,

As I wrote in a earlier post, I just got into the Octane render engine, so this is my first project playing around with it. With a pretty different workflow when it comes to materials and lights, it took some time getting used to, but I'm getting there. The live render window is gold, and it makes everything look sexy, so it was definitely worth the money. I can see how this is becoming the standard for motion graphics.