I wrote about my early phase of this project in an earlier post. To improve my 3D skills, I'm doing a make-believe brand ident for a company called Adaptation Productions.

I'm getting there! Two weeks left until deadline, and I'm currently rendering my final frames. There's still some adjustment needed for a couple of shots, but I'm generally ahead of the project plan.

Here's a couple of final frames with a little grading. Still need to add motion blur, (very) subtle lens flares, maybe some dusty air, and do the last touch of grading.

There's also exciting sound design in the making by talented Brandon Jiaconia, who collaborated with me on the Illusion Fields title sequence I made earlier this year. There was even word about surround sound this time!

Oh, and if you're looking for awesome Octane-tutorials, check out Inlifethrill. He makes the most easy-to-follow tutorials I've ever come across, and after watching his video on Octane render settings and optimization, I decreased my render time for this project a huuge bit.