As I'm doing 3D as my electives in school, we currently have an assessment where we're modelling and texturing a creature. I really wanted to come up with something original instead of remaking something. I landed on Whalephant. A mix between a whale and an elephant.

This was the result after the initial modelling phase.

I realize there's much more whale than elephant, but I didn't want to over-complicate things. Plus, I kinda like what I ended up with.

This 3D-class is all about Maya for modelling and Mudbox for sculpting and texturing, which is not ideal considering Cinema 4D is what I want to focus on. Despite the confusion of using two different 3D softwares side-by-side, there are bits and pieces that are translatable across to C4D, such as general modelling rules, which is a fairly universal language.

At this point, I have cut the UV's, and are now about to start the texturing and painting in Mudbox. I find myself really enjoying modelling. Dealing with UV's, not so much..