Finally got this site live! Lets try some blogging..

So I just got back to my norwegian hometown, Trondheim, last week to do a three-month internship with the guys over at Headspin Productions. They're killing it with crazy Cinema 4D skills, so I feel like a baby coming in there.. Hopefully I'll have some of those skills by the end of the stay!

With this site I decided to rebrand myself. My old name, kDabra just didnt cut it. I honestly don't know what I was thinking.. So I played around with shortening my name, and ended up with Dan Braga. Short and easy. Plus, I basically became a "Dan" when I moved down under.

                                                                                            My new box fresh logo

                                                                                           My new box fresh logo

Yesterday, I met up with my good mate, Stian, who's equally passionate about creative stuff as myself. We both needed cool pictures for our pages, so we brought our GH4's and went out to some signature spots of our town for a casual shoot. We also did some test shots with Stian's new steadycam. I included some GIF's at the bottom. Its pretty sweet..

There might just something in the making..