Time flies. I'm already one month into my internship, and I can safely say that I've chosen the right career. The fact that when I'm actually doing homework when I'm just having fun with playing around and trying to make cool shit, is pretty cool.

So I've been learning a lot lately, and I can see some sweet progression already. I got a crash course in texturing the other day, which really bumped up the quality of my work. The problem is that I've set the standard pretty high for myself now, which makes it hard to actually pump out something every day that actually looks good enough. Hence why theres only three pictures this week.. 

I'll keep doing these pictures for another week before I'll start making shit move! I'm stoked on the thought of daily animations.

This week we finished up the projects we've been working on the last month, so it seems that we might be looking at some slow weeks ahead. But its all good as it frees up the guys so that I can suck some knowledge out of them.