Good things are happening. This last week I was contacted by Business Insider, requesting permission to post my MH370-video on their site. Didn't blow up as much as I hoped, but I appreciate being noticed for my work, so it's exciting nonetheless. Randomly enough, it was published on my birthday. 

The good news didn't stop there. Earlier this year, in June, I attended the 2015 ADOBE DESIGN ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS, and submitted three of my projects. Last night I received a mail. All three of my submissions made it to the semifinals! 

In a couple of weeks they will nominate three finalists from each category. Seeing that I made it into both 'Motion Graphics' and 'Post-Production and Editing', I have the chance of being a finalist in two separate categories. Motivating stuff! From there, there will be throned category winners who will be invited to the Adobe MAX convention in Los Angeles in October.

Fingers crossed.