We recently went back to Scandinavia for a month to visit family and friends. I can't seem to relax without any creative output, so I brought my GH4 and my Mavic drone to shoot some stuff as we went.


Results of some nightly mocking around.


Been having this itch for creating some live action stuff lately, so I brought my tripod and GH4 for a day trip down to the Royal National Park with my SO the other day. Had this vision of stylised cinematography with the general theme being grand nature vs. small humans. I felt I really got to explore the ideas for interesting framing that I had in mind. Super stoked on how some of the shots turned out, and generally happy with the overall result seeing that it was an unplanned, 'shoot on the go' kind of thing.

I find that doing creative live action projects on the side is a good way to mix it up from the otherwise very technical, heavy 3D stuff I tend to be doing usually. Especially these days when I'm helping out Luxx with the Vivid animations for the Sydney Opera House!