Direction, Lighting, Texturing, Animation, Rendering: Dan Braga
Camera Modelling: Slader Cohen & Andrew Begue
Music and SFX: Brandon Jiaconia

"Extraordinary moments, regular people" was the slogan for our marketing campaign made for our fictional camera. We wanted to make a pocket sized camera aimed at the casual photographer, supplying them with upper mid-end specs as well as features such as an integrated selfie lens and social media connectivity.

My task on this project was to take the 3D model, that was based on concept sketches, bring it in to Cinema 4D, and make it come to life with smooth camera moves showing aesthetic details while highlighting the main selling points of the camera. The main challenge was to make this look as photo realistic as possible. As this was my first jab at photo-realism, I had to take my texturing to the next level. Seeing that our target group is the casual photographer, I wanted to place the camera in an environment that felt accessible. In the earlier stages, I had surroundings that reminded of a creative workspace, but I kept getting this vision of a wooden table in a golden leafed park. I went through my hard drives, looking for an HDRI map that could match my vision, and with some tinkering, it came pretty close.

The next challenge was to texture the camera and lens. I tried some variations, but ended up going minimalistic with full aluminum body and basic rubber battery grip, and added some black details to the lens to break it up a little. For the wooden surface, I found a texture that resembled my idea of a public wooden table, ran it through B2M to get my maps, and fed it to an Octane shader.

My vision for the typography and 2D elements was to make it feel technological, yet human. One aspect of our marketing campaign, that was used in the live action commercial and billboards, was that thumb-against-index thing you do with your hands to "frame" a photo. The idea with the corners bordering the type, was essentially the digital translation of that.