Concept, Design, Direction, Animation: Dan Braga

Score: Brandon Jiaconia

In-between my semesters at school, I started feeling the hunger for a passion project. With my passion for titles, I made this title sequence for a loose concept of my own called Illusion Fields. Normally, I would write a synopsis for a potential movie or TV series, then build a title sequence from that, but with this one I leave that to your imagination. However, there were still an intention behind my creative choices, and they were mostly made by breaking down the title, visualising my interpretation of “Illusion” and “Fields”.

With the word “Fields”, I immediately knew I needed to give this scale. Make it feel big. As with most of my work, I wanted to have a mystic feel to it as well, so I went with a huge field of pillars emerging from the ground towards the star sky. I spent a lot of time tweaking the framing of each shot to make the cinematography interesting, without revealing what the pillars symbolise until the very end. With the word “Illusion”, I went with the “trick of the eye”-interpretation, essentially tying it back to an illusion being an altered reality as seen through the eyes. Hence, the punchline is the revelation that the field of pillars grow to form and illustrate a human iris.

Thanks to Brandon Jiaconia who nailed the creative brief, and composed a score that really elevated the piece and reinforced the grand feeling I was trying to achieve.