Concept, Design, Direction, Production by Dan Braga
Music & SFX by Bryan Barcinas
Made in Cinema 4D, rendered with Octane, and comped in After Effects.

In the near future, Earth's rotation has slowly come to a halt, effectively leaving the planet without any
gravitational force. A selected few has sought refuge in a bunker, avoiding being sucked into space.

When pondering about making another title sequence, I started playing with ideas for a project based around altered gravity. I had all these cool shots in mind, but struggled with putting them in context. A title sequence should tell something about what you’re about to watch. It needs a story to decipher so that you can put meaning and thought behind the visuals. After nights in and out of writing block, I eventually landed on the very non-scientific synopsis above, which led me to scrap a whole bunch of shots and alter the ones that still fit the puzzle. I strived to come up with shots that would portray a familiar environment, with a connection to humanity without actually showing humans. A mix of nature and human construct. I decided to split the sequence into two parts, showing the scenes prior to the moment of “gravity-zero” first, then the same scenes showing the consequences of the gravity loss after, with a symbolic globe tying it together.

I collaborated with the super talented composer, Bryan Barcinas, who composed the original cinematic score and sound effects to blend perfectly with my visuals. Always a blast collaborating with passionate artists!